Brasil Capital was founded in 2008 as an investment firm focused on Brazilian listed equities.

The firm’s single strategy is long-only, value-focused equities in Brazil, managed with a disciplined investment process based on a rigorous research approach, and a medium to long-term horizon.

The team has a solid market background and highly successful track records investing in the Brazilian equity market, with a total of over 90 years of experience.

True partnership model with 100% equity ownership belonging to executive partners, low staff turnover, and strong alignment of interests.

The client base is diversified, comprising local and international family offices, institutional investors, and partners’ capital.

Discipline, deep knowledge, a replicable and scalable research process, a commitment to our investment approach over the long-term, and consistent performance are all part of our DNA.

Founded in January 2008, Brasil Capital is an independent asset management company that invests exclusively in Brazilian Equities.